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Workshop online "UAE de-risking Market Entry. Internationalization training Programme on Circular construction and sustainable building in UAE".

November 2022, 29
The Ecodomus Cluster organizes an online workshop in Italian on the United Arab Emirates, the target country of the ICBUILD project and destination of the first mission scheduled for December. The workshop aims to train participating companies on the characteristics of the country, regarding regulations and market trends in the construction sector, and on opportunities and strategies for entering the construction sector. The workshop is organized thanks to the support and promotion of Sicindustria, partner of the Enterprise Europe Network, the Euro-Mediterranean Institute of Science and Technology (I.E.ME.S.T.) and the European Chamber of Commerce.

Speakers: Dr. Davide Bellino, Business Development Manager for the United Arab Emirates and India at the Diacron Group, dr. Mohamed Salah, Trade Analyst at the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in Dubai, and the lawyer Antonio Varvaro, founder of the law firm Antonio M. Varvaro Legal Consultants DMCC office, one of the 3 Italian law firms authorized by the UAE court.

It is possible to request the speakers' presentations by writing to

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