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The Cluster brings together the Ecodomus District and Consortium and other public and private entities of the national territory operating in the sector of sustainable construction and energy saving covering the entire supply chain sustainable construction:  

from the design of the sustainable building up to the disposal of construction waste, passing from the extraction and sustainable production of raw materials, their marketing, construction and maintenance of the building.

The goal of the Cluster is  to undertake and participate in actions aimed at decarbonising the construction chain of buildings in the Mediterranean area:

  • exploiting the ancient and wise knowledge of Mediterranean bioclimatic architectures to propose new cooling models  passive building;

  • fostering the introduction of eco-innovative technologies in the production context, the development of local smart grids.




Strengthen research, technological development and innovation:

the European territorial development strategy defined "Smart Specialization" requires the identification of specific sustainable growth paths based on innovation, taking into account the local expertise e of global technological and market opportunities.


Improving the competitiveness environmental of companies, through the development of actions aimed at promoting industrial research and technological innovation in the sectors of sustainable construction and technologies  powered by RES (Renewable Energy Sources)

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